Sports Medicine

The value of a comprehensive and integrative multi-disciplinary approach

"Sports Medicine" refers to the medical and paramedical assessment, management and supervision of athletes in training and competition. It involves preparation of the athlete, prevention of illness and/or injury, diagnosis and treatment of illness and/or injury and rehabilitation aimed at returning the athlete to their sport.

Nutrition and specific exercise programs for specific sports, and monitoring the duration and conditions of practice sessions are all-important aspects in the preparation of elite athletes. Conditioning improves specific aspects of performance such as speed, strength and endurance. Prevention of injury begins with a physical examination to identify any pre-existing conditions that might cause injury or illness to the athlete. Sports medicine practitioners can also advise on the design of equipment, e.g. protective padding, strapping or headgear to reduce the chance of injury.

The field of sports medicine is a rapidly expanding one and represents the coming together of several disciplines including nutrition, physiology, surgery, and physical therapy. At ESS we understand the value of a comprehensive and integrative multi-disciplinary approach. Our clients will have access to a range of highly qualified and experienced sports medicine practitioners to support all their conditioning, injury prevention & treatment and rehabilitation needs.

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